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Join our growing team of mission-oriented individuals bent on serving the community, bettering their own lives, and building a future full of hope. 

All Positions Include:

We have BIG plans for the future...from local market domination to multi-state expansion! getting in now means maximizing your opportunity to match your ambition!


Brand Ambassador

We’re building an army of local ambassadors to go out into the community, kick-off new relationships, and become the first impression for each new client. 

As a brand ambassador, your role will be simple, and will lay the foundation for your growth inside the organization. While not complex or physically demanding, this role is exceptionally important. YOU will drive the business that creates future growth-based opportunity. In this role, ambition is key and will pay off big-time. 

Who We Need:

We’re looking for goal-driven, mission oriented, extroverted individuals who know how to make a good impression and have a “never met a stranger” personality.

This person prioritizes self-development, timeliness, organization, and keeps their uniform clean and sharp. This person follows instructions well, but also isn’t afraid to offer up ideas and suggestions, as well as voice their own needs for accommodations or help. 

A team player, yes, but also autonomous and self-driven. 

You’ll introduce yourself to homeowners and set up instant, free inspections on the spot. You will not perform the inspection, but you’ll hand that off to your Team Leader who will inspect and report back to the homeowner what was discovered on their roof. 

Should the Team Leader find damage worth addressing, he/she will present the company further to the homeowner and sell the repairs/replacement. 

Should you excel at this position, a lucrative future as a Team Leader could be yours in short order. 

Read the details of your role below to see if you think it’s a good fit for you:

The WHAT (Your Mission):

The WHY (OUR Mission):

The WHEN (Daily Schedule):

The WHERE (Locations and Targets):

The HOW (Your Day-To-Day):

The PAY ($$$$$$$):

Basic Requirements and Allowances:

As a Veteran owned and operated organization, we understand the need for accommodation in life. Vet or not, we understand that family, health, and wellness take priority over work. 

As such, we offer unmatched flexibility when it comes to time off, role-related tasks, and your need to address life as a whole. We believe in communication; just let us know if you need to be out, and we’re good. 

That said, there are a few “musts” for this role. They’re listed below. 

1. Reliable Transportation: a vehicle is preferable, but a 3rd party ride will work. You can always get dropped off and picked up at the office, and ride with your Team Leader to the target location. 

2. Reliable Technology: you need a phone that works all the time. We need to be able to reach you during work hours, and your phone is how you’ll set up inspections with your Team Leader. 

3. Close-Range Navigation: This role requires you to go door to door in residential areas, and can cover up to 5 miles a day. You must have the ability to navigate from door to door unassisted. 

(NOTE: This role does NOT require and lifting or strenuous physical exertion of any kind.)

4. Timeliness: Being on time is paramount in this industry. We live and die by being where we say we will be when we say we will be there. Being on time regularly will be a condition of employment. 

5. Open Communication: As stated before, we’re more than happy to accommodate both planned and spur-of-the-moment needs and changes in schedule. These must be communicated promptly and specifically to your Team Leader as to avoid disciplinary action.

6. Training: You will have training requirements for your Cardone 10x Sales Training program. This training will need to be done daily in preparation for mandatory weekly sales meetings. 

7. Role Play: You will practice your scripts (memorized) with your team Leader, and learn and practice ways to overcome objections at the door, or eliminate them altogether. This can only be done through practice, which needs to happen with each other and not our clients. 

Is This For You?

If you just read ALL of that, and are still reading, this might be a great opportunity for you. Part time and very flexible, you’ll learn how to sell anything to anyone, carve a promising and lucrative path for yourself, and help all manner of people in the process. 

To apply, please tap/click the link below to send us an application email. Please follow the instructions below to be contacted by us:

Email Subject: Brand Ambassador Application

Email Body: Please give us your first and last name, your birthday, and your phone number. Let us know what about this position is appealing to you, and when the best times to reach you are. 


We can’t wait to meet you!

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