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Why Choose Us?

Contractors get over 11 MILLION complaints to the BBB every year…Why? Because they value sales more than they value you, and people just like you pay the price.

The reality is that 90% of “roofers” out there aren’t credible (we call them “Chuck in a Truck roofers”). and the ones that are, like us, all have access to the same suppliers, materials, and skill-sets when it comes to building. 

So, what makes us different? 

Prioritizing YOU means flipping the status quo on its head. We’re never going to tell you that you need a new roof…we’re going to show you what we find during an inspection and give our recommendations. 

We’re never going to assume you trust us…we’re going to earn your trust through transparency, assurance, and service. 

Reputation is everything, and our goal is to have a reputation of providing mind-blowing service and out-of-the-ordinary experiences. A reputation like that demands a higher level of communication and an altogether different, better approach to contracting. 

Read below to meet the team of owners, and see how we surprise and delight our clients every single day. 

With nearly a decade under his belt as a roofing specialist, Jacob is the product authority around here. He’s the one running the client-facing team, and handles each and every job personally. He’s the one to talk to about products, processes, contracts and follow-up appointments. Jacob’s goal is to make sure that all of our clients have the smoothest experience possible, and that peace-of-mind is constant throughout. 

Jared is co-owner of another contracting company (West GA Decks LLC), and his role here is the same as his role there: operations. Jared ensures materials deliveries are on time and placed properly, coordinates and supports crews, and acts as an intermediary between homeowners and foremen. With Jared running jobs, you can be sure that everything will go off without a hitch!

Also a co-owner of West GA Decks LLC (with Jared), Michael’s skill set makes him an asset behind the scenes. Administration, marketing, design, brand development, strategic partnerships, and customer service training are all his domain. Michael’s goal is to make sure that you get all the information you need from every source available so that you can make the decisions that are right for you. He ensures a consistently amazing experience with Approved Roofing of GA, and drives the business forward with his extensive knowledge of customer service.

The Extra Mile...

It’s not good enough to have a great product. In order to create a pillar of service in our community, we have to offer more than roofs…we have to offer relationships. Those relationships work outward, like our relationship with you, but also inward, like our partnerships. When it comes to serving effectively, we don’t pretend to “do it all”… but we do offer you amazing specialists in the process, so you can have a “masters of all” team from start to finish.

Here’s who you get when you work with us…

Apollo Elite is our partner in the insurance adjustment world. They keep insurance companies accountable to pay what they owe, and often gain HUGE upgrades due to legal requirements that insurance adjusters just so happen to overlook. They can even overturn denied claims in some instances.

Everyone knows the BBB as a source of credibility; but did you know they also hold companies like ours accountable? Having a good rating with the BBB is a fantastic assurance that the company you’re working with is legit, credible, and reputable. Check out our page here!

From measuring to giving all the best materials options to ordering, scheduling and financing, Roofle™ puts the power right in your hands. Use our free estimator tool here. Simply put in your address, choose your roof, and *POOF* – pricing and details will be at your fingertips. 

What Else?

Our people and partnerships are great, but what about our product assurances? After all, an amazing up-front experience doesn’t mean much if things go south after we leave. 

Here’s what we give you for the long-term:

Lifetime Warranty

Regardless of the manufacturer's warranty, we're going to stick with you for the expected lifetime of the roof with a lifetime workmanship warranty.

Unlimited Earnings

We pay $200/$400 for every residential/commercial referral that becomes a job, respectively. If you'd like to earn extra $$$ by being a brand promoter, we'll line your pockets with cash!

Regular Check-Ins

Part of our service mantra is that we keep serving you even after the job is done. We'll follow up regularly, and stop by after storms, or when you call, to make sure everything is still secure. We'll even do some maintenance while we're up there!

But Wait...There's More!!

What about money? Roofs can be expensive, especially when there’s more than just the surface to replace. That’s why we offer a bevy of convenient payments plans to help shoulder the cost. 0%? We’ve got it. Low interest, long term? We’ve got that too.

We don’t want something like money preventing you from achieving security on your property, and we have all the tools to make sure you’re able to easily and comfortably afford your new roof.  

What About Reputation?

Reviews can say a lot about a company. Below are our Google reviews…you can also find our BBB reviews by going here!

Oh, and referrals are provided upon request, so you can talk to actual past clients to get a bead on the experience we provide!

"Do You Only Install Roofs?

Short answer: no. We’re a one-stop shop for all your roofing needs (tangible and non-tangible), but also offer more! Read below to see all the things we do!

Insurance Advocacy

Our team of adjuster partners stick it to stingy insurance companies by ensuring you get every upgrade, accessory, and add-on you need, ensuring your new roof lasts as long as possible.

Instant Quotes

Price should never be a mystery. With our digital form, you can use your address to get a quote on your roof replacement without submitting any personal contact info...you can even buy your roof totally online!

Custom Payments

Price is never an obstacle when you work with us. With amazing financing partners, instant approvals, and fantastic terms, we make sure your property's security is easy to afford and simple to pay off.

Additional Services

Sometimes a property needs more than a roof. Adding gutters, siding, concrete, windows, doors, tree removal, and even custom decks is easy and streamlined thanks to our wide offerings and amazing partnerships.

Get An Instant Quote Now!

Put in your address in the map field below to get an instant quote. You’ll see materials options, prices, inclusions, exclusions, and even financing options! We’ll reach out to you after you do. 

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